Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Death is Not Dying - Rachel's Story

 Rachel Barkey is a new found hero of mine. She's only 37 with a loving husband and two little kids but what makes her special is the fact that she's dying. She has cancer and has a very limited time left to live. Yet through this all she has a firm faith in Christ that holds her together. She spoke in March to a group of about 600 women. The event was videotaped for the sake of her children but when it was put online on her website it got attention from many, including me. I sat down and watched this 55 minute video and I cried a few time while doing it! Her story is amazingly moving and powerful. I encourage you all to watch this video, you wont be sorry if you do! I'm going to be showing this video to the small group Bible study I'll be leading this summer and so if you would like some discussion questions email me (see the link on the sidebar). Now go and check out the video! God bless. 

 {Note: Abigail and I are both  want to apologize for our lack of posting! We've had a very busy past few months and we hope you all understand. Go check out our blogs for some more info on what's up with us currently. I just talked to Abigail today and we both hope to be more faithful in our posting. So stay tuned for more posts soon!}


  1. That's so terrible :(


  2. Hi Olivia! Thank you for your comment. That's perfectly fine with me if you link to that article! I'm flattered--thank you! I will have to check out the video. I will be praying for this woman and her family...what an amazing testimony she must have.

  3. Oh, I feel so bad. We don't realize what we have until it is gone!...

    Lauren Ann

  4. Your title is so right. Dying is not Dying for those of us who have found the Messiah.

    I so love this blog. You girls have such wisdom that I only wish I had possessed at your age. You and Abigail have been such a blessing that I wanted to pass on an award to the two of you. Stop by my blog and pick it up.


  5. Olivia, I will check out the video when I have time,...and I thank you for alerting us. I will pray for this woman and her family.

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits


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