Monday, April 13, 2009

The Unnamed Bride

I have many heroes and most of them are those heroes of the faith. Those people that have been so in love with God that they have given everything to Him and have served Him with a fierce passion. On my personal list of some of the best women of the faith there is Mary mother of Jesus, Glydas Aylward, Elizabeth Elliot, Amy Carmichael, Corrie Ten Boom, and the unnamed bride.

Not many have ever heard of this unnamed bride, she wasn’t even given a name in Richard Wurmbrand’s book Tortured for Christ, telling the story of Christians behind the iron curtain in Romania. But her story left a strong impression on my heart. Her amazing passion for her heavenly bridegroom was one of the most beautiful displays I have ever heard of. Her story is as follows:

“One of our workers in the Underground Church was a young girl. The Communist police discovered that she secretly spread Gospels and taught children about Christ. The decided to arrest her. But to make the arrest as agonizing and painful as they could, they decided to delay her arrest a few weeks, until the day she was to be married. On her wedding day, the girl was dressed as a bride -- the most wonderful, joyful day of a girl’s life! Suddenly, the door burst open and the secret police rushed in.

When the bride saw the secret police, she held out her arms toward them to be handcuffed. They roughly put the manacles on her wrists. She looked toward her beloved, then kissed the chains and said, “I thank my heavenly Bridegroom for this jewel He presented to me on my marriage day. I thank Him that I am worthy to suffer for Him.” She was dragged off, with weeping Christians and a keeping bridegroom left behind. They knew what happens to young Christian girls in the hands of Communist guards. Her bridegroom faithfully waited for her. After five years she was released, a destroyed, broken woman looking thirty years older. She said it was the least she could do for her Christ.” (Richard Wurmbrand, Tortured for Christ pg. 37 & 38)

Now that is a beautiful woman if I’ve ever seen one. That is a woman in love with her prince. That is a woman who I want to be like, whom I admire. That is the type of woman that we should be striving to become.
I know few woman who would have her attitude towards suffering for Christ. Who in their right mind would take joy in being taken away from you husband on your wedding day to be thrown into a horrible Communist prison? Only a person that is completely consumed with passion for the gospel and is filled with the power of the gospel.
No human power can do what our unnamed bride did. We aren’t strong enough in and of ourselves to serve Christ to that magnitude. If fact, we aren’t capable of doing that on even a small scale. It is only the power that the blood of Jesus holds that enables us to serve Him. Only the fact that He died for us gives us strength to die for Him. Paul says that the cross may be foolishness to the unbeliever, but to Christians it’s the very power of God. (I Corinthians 1:18)

This is what the cross can do to a person. This is what Jesus can do to a person; make them so wholeheartedly in love with their Savior that they would see suffering as pure bliss. When everything within us cries to become bitter and get mad at God, Jesus gives us the strength to stand firm in our faith. We are called to not be ashamed of the gospel because, as we saw in the previous verse, it‘s the very power of God! (Romans 1:16).
As we look back on our Easter celebrations, remember what Christ has done both to deliver us and to strengthen us. His blood is our strength and our life and that is an amazing thing! To think of what the blood of Christ means for women, what once was fearful and weak can become strong and brave through the power He has given. For “in him we live and move and have our being”. (Acts 17:28)


  1. Amen and amen!! May God make you into HIS Bride(s) as none other!!

  2. Wow! I am in awe of Jesus Christ. I pray that I may be that devoted to Him!


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